The environment

The Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger generates environment-friendly energy. In terms of overall costs, the system demonstrates better performance than other solutions. Connected to a hydronic heating system, Ecowec units are suitable for both new buildings and renovation projects.

Highly eco-friendly, the Ecowec system utilises an inexhaustible resourse. By going about their everyday business, the residents produce the energy required by the Ecowec system. All day-to-day activities people engage in affect the amount of energy going down the drain with their wastewater.

An energy-efficient solution, the Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger is easy on the wallet and the environment alike.

The Ecowec system is an eco-friendly solution that pays for itself in a very short period of time. With it, you can shave up to 25% off your heating-energy costs in an environmentally friendly way, without using electricity or causing added emissions. At the same time, the system helps to decrease carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the property’s carbon footprint.