Energy Renovation 2015

The mission of the Energy Renovation 2015 campaign is to encourage the Finnish government and parliament to decide on moving over fully to sustainable, renewable energy in Finland by 2050. This change can be begun today. The campaign is aimed at improving energy-efficiency, increasing the use of renewable energy, implementing intelligent systems, eliminating obstacles to the use of local energy resources, and boosting cleantech exports. Energy Renovation 2015 was initiated by people with a wide range of backgrounds who are passionate about the breakthrough of renewable energy. The campaign brings together members of the public, experts, small-scale producers, politicians, and companies all working for the same goal. Wasenco is actively involved in the Energy Renovation 2015 campaign.

With the Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger, building owners/managers can recover valuable energy from wastewater, improve buildings’ energy-efficiency, and increase the use of sustainable and renewable energy.

The Energy Renovation 2015 campaign creates many huge opportunities: the energy sector is facing radical changes, which will expand the market for new energy solutions and create new jobs in that field. This field covers renewable energy, energy savings, and intelligent energy use. We are already in a position to give up old and polluting energy resources. Read more about the campaign at

Wasenco is involved in providing a solution to Finland’s energy policy challenges. According to the Academy of Finland, the most feasible energy solution for Finland is a combination of nuclear power, energy generated by small-scale producers, and bioenergy. In this scenario, the creation of a novel energy market should emerge, in which consumers also act as producers. Under this vision, newly built houses or entire districts may produce some of the energy they require themselves.