Ecowec applications

The heat-recovery process carried out by the Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger takes place inside the building. The system is most suited to residential blocks of flats or other multi-storey buildings in which pipes convey wastewater by gravity to the ground floor. Other possible application sites include public pools, hospitals, launderettes, hotels, and other commercial premises that generate large quantities of wastewater and risk flushing a considerable amount of energy down the drain.

The Ecowec system is suitable for:
  • Residential buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Public buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Office premises
  • Public pools and spas

Wastewater recovery systems can be used in numerous applications. Heat can be recovered from wastewater with the Ecowec system and reused in preheating of water, heating of a heat pump’s primary circuit, preheating of incoming air, and heating of partially heated spaces. Also, a system for recovery of heat from wastewater can be integrated into the building’s existing heating system, such as a geothermal heating system.

As the name implies, the Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger can be used in more ways than one. In addition to recovering heat from wastewater, it can be connected to a wide range of heat sources, including combinations of them, and used for easy and efficient transfer of the recovered heat to various applications. The Ecowec heat exchanger can also be used to recover renewable energy, including heat and electricity produced from solar power. Such versatility places Ecowec at the forefront in providing the market with cost-efficient heat recovery and reuse.


European Union directives alone impose numerous restrictions on the energy consumption of both newly constructed and renovated buildings in Finland. In general, new buildings can achieve the energy efficiency target set for them by means of good architectural design, optimisation of building massing and orientation, passive energy-saving measures, and monitoring of indoor air. However, because of restrictions imposed by city planning, optimal design principles cannot always be applied in the design of new buildings. Additional insulation and heat-recovery systems are commonly used to offset the necessary compromises.

Also, finding cost-efficient ways to reduce energy consumption in Finland’s older buildings has proved challenging. Our geographical location and large annual fluctuations in temperature and humidity complicate construction design even further. Technical solutions to these problems are available, but making an old building more cost-efficient often proves too expensive.

In addition, building-management systems must be adaptable to changes at any point in their service life and able to respond to the predicted use of heat and electricity. In all construction and renovation work, health, safety, and energy-efficiency must be taken into consideration in both the planning and the realisation. While the goal is to keep the construction costs reasonable, measures taken to ensure that these aspects of the work are at the target level may put considerable pressure on the budget.

Finnish experts on construction and energy-efficiency have joined forces to examine the options for meeting the targets set in building and renovation recommendations and regulations. Cost savings are possible for both new buildings and renovation projects in Finland, through appropriate calculations and finding the optimal construction solutions.

The Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger is the most versatile and cost-efficient solution you can buy.

Thanks to its versatility and cost-efficiency, the Ecowec system helps to reduce renovation and building costs. This has been demonstrated through both cost calculations and real-world experience. The Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger also recovers heat during the coldest months and the darkest season of the year, when the demand for energy is at its highest. In general, Ecowec recovers and produces energy for your building exactly when you need it most.

The Ecowec unit can be connected to almost any system and heating solution to provide it with additional energy from the selected source, thereby helping the system pay for itself sooner.
As the Ecowec system is suitable for a wide range of property types and numerous kinds of heating and heat recovery systems, it creates considerable savings for the property’s owner by considerably reducing energy consumption.