Wasenco’s goal is to protect the environment by reducing buildings’ greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. To guarantee sustainable economic development, we need to take into account environment-related values also. This is something that Wasenco is fully committed to. Designed and manufactured in Finland, the Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger has an extremely small carbon footprint over its 50-year service life. Wasenco’s Ecowec system is a true innovation in Finnish cleantech work, a pioneer without any precedent either in Finland or abroad.

Established in 2014, Wasenco Oy is a Lahti-based cleantech company focusing on development, marketing, and sales of the Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger. Fruit of the company’s dedicated in-house product development, Ecowec is considered to have considerable potential in the export market. Lahti Region Development LADEC Ltd played an important role in the decision to establish Wasenco in Lahti. The main reason for this choice of location was Lahti’s emphasis on cleantech operations, which form an integral part of the city’s growth and employment strategy. Lahti has become a hub for cleantech companies in the years since the city made cleantech one of its areas of focus. This was a wise choice: the global market for energy-efficient solutions is worth hundreds of billions of euros. Converting cleantech breakthroughs into marketable products opens new opportunities also for Finland more broadly, as the country imports large quantities of energy and is low on domestic energy resources.